BLUE JAY - fun sized vee omega style boomerang for beginners to experienced throwers

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No, it's not blue but I needed a name for it :) Another omega/vee style boomerang with a good range and accurate return. A real nice performer that takes a good swift boomerang pitch. You'll like it. This is a RIGHT HANDED boomerang. I make left handed models only on special request. Tip to tip length - 12 inches. Material - 5mm 5-ply European Birch plywood. Flight range - 35 yard tear drop flight pattern. Price - $21.00

      Place an order by emailing me and I'll send you a convenient Paypal invoice (you don't need a Paypal account) or click "Buy Now" for instant purchase. Just tell me how many you'd like and include a shipping address. At this time, U.S. orders only.

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